NWD 2-Way Voice Monitoring

2-way Voice2-Way voice will be a growing portion of your business. There are many central stations that offer 2-Way voice and Personal Emergency Response Systems monitoring as an accommodation. Their operators do not use it in the course of a normal business day.

Whether you use it as an adjunct to your alarm system for alarm verification, or as a stand alone PERS system, you need a monitoring station where the operators are as fluent in 2-Way alarms as they are in digital.

All of NationWide Digital’s operators are fully trained and have the capability of handling any type of 2-Way voice situation. Our automation system is fully integrated for 2-Way so that we handle the alarm in an expedient manner.

From responding to an alarm, to helping a dealer walk (range) test a PERS unit, our dispatchers are fluent, capable and ready to handle the situation. We monitor thousands of systems that utilize 2-Way voice; therefore our operators handle it in their normal course of the day….

When lives are on the line… who would you rather have responding to your 2-Way alarm?

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