Dealers: you told us you need better financing and more flexibility to expand your business. We listened, and now we are delivering! Introducing revenue share and renters funding to our suite of financing programs.

Revenue Share

31 multiple

Dealer will share half of the RMR from month 37 for the remainder of the life of the deal

$0 hold back

Rental Home or Apartment

Apartment Renters and Home Renters Accepted

Terms Up To 24 Months For Dealer

Dealer gets 100% Of RMR After 24 Months


RMR - Build your own recurring revenue!

Sale of Accounts - Alarm contracts are returned to you after the initial contract period (24 or 36 months)

Loan Multiples - 15x RMR for 24-month contract and 23x RMR for contracts 36 months or greater


Multiples Paid - 32 to 37 times the subscriber recurring monthly revenue depending on the dealer level and the term of the end user contract

Commercial Equipment Financing

Financing from $5000 to 500K

0% Discount To Dealer

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