NWD Guard Response

Guard ResponseNew York accounts located in Nassau, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, can be certain that an experienced security agent will quickly respond to an alarm condition.

Would your subscriber rather not be awakened at home when the alarm goes off at his business? Not satisfied with police response? Recurring vandalism? Attempted break-ins? Subscriber going on vacation? You need NWD's Guard Response.

Our uniformed security officers are dispatched by secure two-way radio and are in constant communication with the central station. The responding agent checks for intruders and signs of forced entry. The agent will file a report with the central station and leave a notice of his response at the location.

Many of our agents have police and military experience, and in addition, have passed a stringent screening process that includes a polygraph examination, a psychological profile evaluation, interview and background check. Our response personnel are insured and bonded.

If your subscriber's insurance company requires response service, NWD's Guard Response is the affordable and professional answer. In may cases your subscriber's insurance company will allow a premium discount when professional response services are used in addition to police response. It's worth your time to find out about our services, available in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Nassau counties.

Call (800) 221-0826 to learn more about all of our guard services.

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