Mobile PERS program for Security Dealers from NationWide Digital

No Land Line? No Problem!

Cellular PERS

Totally wireless PERS. Truly PLUG AND PLAY. Our Cell-Based PERS System functions essentially the same as our standard system except that no landline phone is required at the home. It is a totally independent device and does not require an additional cell plan, nor interfere with existing cell phone services. The system features a waterproof personal help button and the base unit with back-up battery.

People Living an Active Lifestyle? No problem!


Ours Mobile PERS unit travels virtually anywhere delivering the functionality of a Mobile Safety Monitoring System with personal GPS tracking. Our Mobile PERS Solution offers instant hands-free communication, automated fall detection, location services/GPS and remotely managed two-way voice.

Who needs a Medical Alert System (PERS)?

Loved ones with medical issues
Families who want to protect aging parents
Homes with children
Men & women who can’t afford assisted living
Anyone who lives alone

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