DMP Event Codes

DMP ID Zone State default_event_id comment
** T **05 Undefined Message Type
*** DM001 System Start Up
+TIME DM135 Receiver Time Updated
-TIME T DM134 Time Update Cmd to receiver REJECTED
A A DM123 Alarm
A1 A DM011 Alarm
A2 A DM012 Alarm
A3 A DM013 Alarm
A4 A DM014 Alarm
A5 A DM015 Alarm
A6 A DM016 Alarm
A7 A DM017 Alarm
B B DM103 Force Arm zone
D T DM042 XMTR Low Battery
E DM053 Model 856 Service Module in use
E1 DM073 Equipment Repaired, |a=Eqp#
E2 DM071 Equipment Replaced, |a=Eqp#
E3 DM069 Equipment Added, |a=Eqp#
E4 DM072 Equipment Removed, |a=Eqp#
E5 DM070 Equipment Adjusted, |a=Eqp#
E6 DM074 Equipment Test, |a=Eqp#
F T DM041 Walk Test Fail
H T DM043 wireless XMTR Missing
I DM048 Temporary Sched. in panel Changed
J DM062 Door Access Granted
K R DM002 Verify, (Successful Walk Test)
L T DM099 Late to arm via panel schedule
M DM051 Service Man
MD DM068 Service Tech Departing Prem.
N DM047 Permanent Sched. in panel Changed
N1 DM049 Primary Sched. in panel Changed
N2 DM050 Secondary Sched. in panel changed
O D Disarm
P DM003 Add User
P- DM044 User Deleted
R R 2000 Restore
S A DM124 Unrecognized System Message
S** DM130 invalid/non-numeric event number
S// **05 Receiver msg not intended for automation
S00 R DM081 Panel AC restored
S01 R DM087 Panel Standby Battery Restored
S02 R DM085 Comm Level Restored/OK
S03 R DM089 Panel Tamper Restored
S04 R DM088 Panel Backup Comm Line Restored
S05 R DM105 Panel Ground Restore
S06 T DM004 Panel Not Armed by Scheduled Time
S07 R DM005 24 Hour Test OK
S08 T DM080 Panel AC Fail
S09 T DM090 Panel Battery Low
S10 T DM091 Panel Comm Line Low Level
S11 A DM092 Panel Tamper Alarm
S12 T DM006 Panel Backup Comm Fail
S13 T DM104 Panel Ground Fault
S14 T DM007 Non-Alarm Message Overflow
S16 A DM100 Panel Not Responding
S17 R DM085 Communication Restored
S18 A DM008 Zone Alarm Overflow
S19 DM009 New Panel On Line
S21 A DM131 Automation not acknowledging receiver
S22 R DM132 Automation Acknowledgment RESTORED
S23 R DM010 Panel Test Signal Received
S26 T DM093 Aux Fuse Trouble
S27 R DM094 Aux Fuse Restore
S28 T DM082 Phone Line 1 Trouble
S29 R DM083 Phone Line 1 Restore
S30 T DM121 Phone Line 2 Trouble
S31 R DM122 Phone Line 2 Restore
S34 DM113 Alarm Bell Silenced
S38 T DM095 Bell Circuit Trouble
S39 R DM096 Bell Circuit Restore
S40 A DM114 Fire Zone Alarm Overflow
S41 A DM115 Panic Zone Alarm Overflow
S42 A DM116 Burglary Zone Alarm Overflow
S43 T DM097 Bell Fuse Trouble
S44 T DM117 Fire & Burg Trouble Overflow
S45 DM079 Abort
S46 T DM058 Zone Swinger Auto Bypassed
S47 R DM059 Zone Swinger Auto Reset
S49 DM173
S50 T DM118 Supervised Wireless Trouble
S51 DM174
S53 R DM098 Bell Fuse Restore
S54 T DM119 Unsuccessful Remote Connect
S58 A DM018 Panel Substitution
S59 T DM019 Substituiton Check-in overflow
S60 T DM175
S66 A DM020 System Test Begin
S67 R DM021 System Test End
S68 T DM022 DMP Receiver FAIL
S69 R DM023 DMP Printer RESTORE
S72 T DM024 Network Trouble
S73 R DM025 Network Restore
S74 A DM026 Tamper During Armed State
S77 A DM027 Unauthorized Entry
S78 DM028 System Recently Armed
S79 DM029 Signal During Opened Period
S80 T DM030 Exit Error
S81 T DM176 Network Line Card Trouble
S82 R DM177 Network Line Card RESTORED
S83 DM031 Remote Programming Complete
S84 DM032 Remote Command Received
S86 DM033 Local Programming
S87 T DM034 Transmit Fail
S88 T DM035 Unrestored System
S89 R DM036 Supervised Wireless Restore
S90 DM040 DMP rcvr unable to interpret signal
S91 A DM038 Service Requested
S92 T DM109 No Arm/Disarm Activity
S93 T DM110 No user Activity detected (check welfare)
S94 U DM111 Activity check enabled
S95 B DM112 Activity check disabled
S97 DM140 Network Comm Test
S98 DM039 DMP Receiver Memory FULL !!
SA 15 Abort
SDM A DM056 Device Missing, |a=Dev#
SDR R DM057 Device Restored, |a=Dev#
SFC T DM139 |a = Line (1 – 5)
T T DM102 Trouble
U DM045 User Code Change
v DM055 Panel Text Message
W T DM086 Faulted Zone
X B DM106 Zone Bypass
Y U DM084 Zone Unbypass