VoIP Monitoring

Soon it won’t make a difference whether or not your customer switches to a VoIP provider. The phone companies are installing IP based transmission equipment to meet the demands of the future. Considering whether or not the alarm system works is not on their radar screen. You will not have a choice, you must make adjustments to how you go about your daily installs…and think about all your existing accounts that have systems that may or may not transmit alarm signals properly.

NationWide has 2 types of solutions for this problem with a host of manufacturers

Plug and Play
This solution gives you the ability to easily retrofit older systems by installing a module (approx $99) no programming required. It is also a simple solution for new systems that allows any control panel capable of sending Contact ID or several supported DTMF formats to transmit reliably to the central station. Our Plug and Play solutions support 2-Way voice and can be used with Personal Emergency Response Systems.

Internet Solutions

  • NationWide supports most Manufacturers’ IP based formats, including: DMP,
    Honeywell, Napco, and DSC Systems.
  • Manufacturer specific and universal solutions.
  • Gives you greater flexibility with your alarm systems.
  • Manufacturer specific solutions allow panels to communicate in native formats.
  • U.L.
  • Remote programming
  • Supports Video

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