Monitoring Services

Security Monitoring

NationWide Digital Monitoring leads the pack in security monitoring for Commercial and Residential monitoring. Many central stations have U.L. listings but they are limited to just Protective Signaling, commonly known as the fire alarm monitoring listing. NationWide has Protective Signaling but more importantly we have the Commercial Burglar monitoring listing, making us experts in the high security monitoring industry.

At NationWide Digital Monitoring we don’t work with a cookie cutter approach to monitoring, each account has its own set of dispatch procedures fully controlled by you. This gives you, the dealer, the ability to set up the policies and procedures that best fits your company and each of your customers. Our data entry team and customer service team will work closely with you to tailor all aspects of monitoring your customer will require.

At NationWide Digital Monitoring we give you all the tools and assistance to make your monitoring experience second to none. Our MasWeb portal and MasMobile app is available for you and your customers to enhance the monitoring process.

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Fire Monitoring

We are experts in Fire Alarm monitoring for over 40 years. We have full knowledge and understanding of the NFPA codes and U.L. standards. We ensure that our dealers are in compliance with their local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) relating to critical monitoring procedures.

Because we specialize in monitoring, we understand that every second counts. Continuous training keeps our dispatch team members up to speed on the latest innovations in the monitoring industry. Our quality assurance team makes certain that we are constantly improving the service we provide to both our dealers and their customers.

Speed and reliability are critical in ensuring that homes and businesses get the help they need in the event of a fire. NationWide Digital Monitoring unparalleled attention to detail is the cornerstone you can rely on for your fire monitoring needs.

FDNY Approved NationWide Digital Monitoring is an FDNY Approved Central Station Fire Alarm Company.  NationWide Digital Monitoring meets and exceeds the rigorous demands of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) through its inspection and procedural requirements.

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Radio Monitoring

NationWide Digital Monitoring has been providing radio monitoring for over three decades, from the early days of the original private radio networks to the first Alarmnet Central Station we have been the industry leader. Today we have expanded our menu of radio services to include:

NationWide has the experience and depth to guide you through the maze of providers and services. We offer the best service for the best rates

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PERS Monitoring

(Personal Emergency Response Services Monitoring)

NationWide Digital Monitoring offers a comprehensive set of PERS monitoring services.

NationWide Digital Monitoring is a leading provider of PERS monitoring, combining our best in class monitoring team with our state of the art technology to help you serve the growing senior safety market. PERS monitoring requires a true understanding of the needs of senior community and their families.

NationWide has a dedicated team of highly trained, bilingual PERS dispatchers that respond quickly and efficiently to medical alerts and alarms because we know that every second counts. Our compassionate dispatchers are trained to provide respectful senior care. Quality Assurance supervisors also review calls to evaluate our dispatchers. Evaluations are based on response time, the professional manner in the way the call was handled, and the compassion shown by the dispatcher and the desire to help.

NationWide Digital has thousands of PERS accounts, and understands the needs of seniors and others with special medical needs to maintain an independent lifestyle. As an established PERS monitoring center, NationWide Digital Monitoring provides a state-of-the-art system of receivers and automation to receive PERS signals.

Best in class response from our dedicated PERS Dispatchers

Monitoring more types of in-home and mobile PERS devices than other companies.

  • In Home Landline
  • In Home Cellular
  • Mobile with GPS
  • Fall Detection
  • Tele-health
  • Medication schedules
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Internet/Interactive Services Monitoring

Help your customers keep an eye on what matters.

Interactive services are the way to grow today! With the increase of Smartphones and numerous apps, your customers are looking for ways to simplify their day-to-day tasks and using their phones for much more than phone calls.

NationWide Digital Monitoring offers Honeywell AlarmNet® and Total Connect®, services, DSC’s C24 Interactive and Telguard® Interactive.


Users can check their alarms, businesses can check their employees, parents can check on their children and all can receive text notifications.

These services provide your customers with more control while earning you more RMR and cutting down your attrition.

We offer many solutions to the vanishing POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) line, and they’re all good! Unlike a POTS line, with many of our systems there are no wires to cut to disable your customer’s alarm system. Our technology allows your customers to monitor their home or business while they’re away. We feature the latest technology by industry leaders.

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Video Monitoring

Grow your business and increase RMR with I-View Now Monitoring Verification. When an alarm goes off, I-View Now finds a clip from the camera associated with the tripped zone to show the NationWide Operators exactly what happened. At the same time, a clip is sent via text or email to the customer. This allows everyone involved to know not just that an alarm went off, but why it went off.

I-View Now will make your customers smarter, allowing them to run their businesses better and decrease false alarms. I-View Now Verification gives you the opportunity to increase your RMR per customer while deepening your relationship with the customer.

I-View Now Monitoring verification is the must have feature on every video system.

Increase RMR with I-View Now Monitoring Video Verification

  • Offer a unique service that marries video and burglar alarms – now your customer can see why their alarm went off.
  • Set yourself apart from those who only install video systems without enhanced services.
  • Receive an RMR premium from customers while strengthening your relationship and reducing attrition.
  • Sell video on every job!
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Increase your average RMR
  • A compelling up sell I-View Now verification is the must have feature on every video system
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