Move your Accounts to NationWide

Are you and you customers unhappy with your current monitoring center?

  • If you are looking to end the cycle of bad service that your current monitoring center is providing, then switch to NationWide.

Do you feel that you are paying too much and not getting what you pay for?

  • Switch to NationWide today.

Worried about moving to another central?

  • Our Data Entry Dept and IT Dept will assist you throughout the entire process.

Worried about interruptions when you switch?

  • We have converted hundreds of dealers and their data. Our staff is expert in the process of moving accounts and we will help you through the whole process.

Worried about the cost associated with moving your accounts?

  • NationWide Digital Monitoring offers a wide range of plans and services to assist you in the process. Plus, you can receive up to a $250,000.00 in account transfer incentive when you switch to NationWide.

We can help you! Call today (800) 221-0826 and speak with one of our Sales team today.

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Security Doctors

Why Joining Our Team Would be a Smart Business Decision

  • Exclusive Territories Available
  • Great Product Selection & Excellent Dealer Pricing
  • 100% account retention
  • Optional Funding (High Multiples 32-37X)
  • Optional Financing Programs
  • Great Marketing & Sales Materials
  • Lead Generation Program
  • Identity Theft Protection Program

100% Account Retention

As a Security Doctors Authorized Dealer, you’ll grow your business as customers stay connected to the exclusive products and services you provide. Plus, all the recurring revenue you generate is yours to keep.

  • Gain recurring revenue as you retain accounts
  • Build equity with your accounts quickly and easily
  • Optional funding & financing programs available

Exclusive Alarm Products & Services

All of our alarm keypads are branded with the Security Doctors logo, and are only available to Security Doctors dealers. This exclusivity instantly provides an edge over your competitors.

  • Security products are branded with the Security Doctors logo
  • 24/7 Central Station Services from NationWide Digital Monitoring Center including digital, internet and GSM services
  • Customized services include: Fire, Flood, Carbon Monoxide, Personal Emergency Response Systems, CCTV Monitoring, Remote
  • System Control and many others

Unmatched Dealer Support

We provide our dealers with all the support they need to make their business thrive—training, marketing, sales & tech support, and much more.

  • Personalized training for every dealer
  • Training videos for your customers
  • Print and online advertising
  • Sales and tech support
  • Custom web sites
  • Lawn signs and window decals
  • Custom literature for commercial & residential customers

Join Today!

Call Dealer Services at (877) 479-0006

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Funding Program

Dealers: you told us you need better financing and more flexibility to expand your business. We listened, and now we are delivering!

Revenue Share

  • 31 multiple
  • Dealer will share half of the RMR from month 37 for the remainder of the life of the deal
  • $0 hold back


  • RMR – Build your own recurring revenue!
  • Sale of Accounts – Alarm contracts are returned to you after the initial contract period (24 or 36 months)
  • Loan Multiples – 15x RMR for 24-month contract and 23x RMR for contracts 36 months or greater


  • Multiples Paid – 32 to 37 times the subscriber recurring monthly revenue depending on the dealer level and the term of the end user contract

Commercial Equipment Financing

  • Financing from $5,000 to $500,000
  • 0% Discount to Dealer

If your business needs an extra boost, NationWide Digital is here to help! Call today (800) 221-0826

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